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Welcome to Moment Monument's blog: 'Moments That Matter'

Updated: Mar 4

I'm Libby, founder and artist of Moment Monuments.

I treasure the weightiness of 'moments'. I see moments as treasures to be unlocked and explored. There is rich depth and Truth waiting to be discovered. I unpack the story-moment with images that capture Truth to see with the eyes of your heart.

I'll be discussing the story behind the moment for each spotlighted painting.

The Invitation

Every day we receive invitations: An invitation to receive a hug from a child, an invitation to be loved by a tail-wagging dog, and invitation to go to a sale at our favorite store, an invitation to have coffee with a friend, an invitation to watch a new show, an invitation to check the text-ping we just heard on our phone...the list goes on. Lots of invitations. Some of them we respond to, some of them we put in the 'maybe' pile, some of them we toss in the garbage can or delete.

Jesus has an invitation. "My child, look at Me. Do you want to know me?" This is the gentle invitation from Jesus. Some of us hear it readily. Some of us don't believe it. Some of us run from it.

If you dare, you can respond to Him. If you dare, you can say, "Who are You? I want to know You."

Intimacy= Into Me, See

Saying "Yes" to the invitation will be an adventure. Who has seen God? Do you dare to want the more of God? Intimacy = Into me, see. Look into the eye of God, and drink deep from His well. He wants to know you, to walk with you, to love you perfectly. He loves the journey with you...the moment-by-moment walk. He does have a beautiful destination written for you, if you care to follow His map, and be on the path lit with light for each step. But: He is really more interested in being right beside you for every step it takes to get there. When you trust God, it delights Him. He is a good, good, Father, and worthy of our trust.

Join the "Moment Journey"!

Hit life's pause button and sit in a "moment" with me. See moments with the eyes of your heart, and connect to the deeper parts of your heart, and the deeper parts of God's heart as He invites you: "Into Me, see". Experience deeper intimacy.

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