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What Can I Paint For You?


Questions? Email me here, or...


Custom Legacy Story Art On Stretched Canvas:                                                      

This is where a Moment Monuments painting is a cut above!  

Add symbolic elements to your scene to take it to another level of achieving rich meaningful "story art" that declares breakthrough, joy, or hope beaming down from one's walls every day.  Take a tour through the Previously Commissioned Art Gallery to see examples of the rich depths of meaning in this beautiful symbolic art that celebrates and values life's moments.


Package 1:                                                                             

16"x20" Giclee canvas on stretcher bars: $350.                       

Beautiful, high-quality, long-lasting legacy piece!              

Depending on # of symbolic elements added, price may go up.    

Canvas float-frame: black, white, walnut, or expresso: + $50. 


Package 2:                                                                                    

18" x 24" includes float-frame: $750.                              

Meaningful legacy gift.    


Package 3:                                                                            

24"x30" includes float-frame: $1K                                                                  

Great group gift!                                                                  

Corporate ~ Wedding ~ Anniversary ~ Birthday ~ Christmas


People or Animals

You provide photo. Includes artistically colored background (option of weaving in home/office decor colors) and calligraphy if desired.


Base price: $75 for first person/animal. (Each add'l: + $25)                                        

8" x 10" Giclee archive paper print: + $20

11" x 14" Giclee archive paper print: + $25

16" x 20" Giclee quality canvas print on stretcher bars: +$100

*extra shipping costs may apply to some

Prophetic Art Prints

Visit my Galleries of Prophetic Art and contact me for sales.

Pricing will be as follows:

8" x 10" - $15 per print (*shipping details below)

11" x 14" - $18 per print (*shipping details below)

Multiple same-print 8" x 10" orders:

10-29 prints: $8/print

30-49 prints: $6/print

50+ prints: $5/print

Multiple same-print 11" x 14" orders:

10-29 prints: $10/print

30-49 prints: $8/print

50+ prints: $7/print

*Shipping: $5 minimum, multiple print orders: up to $10

You will provide your own standard size frame.

The image will fit perfectly in your desired standard frame size of either 8" x 10" or 11" x 14". If you desire a mat within the frame just have the mat size correlate to the size print you choose.

All prophetic art is available in Giclee stretched canvas upon request. 

Thank you for your patience!

Payment method is under construction!





Purchase details: Contact Moment Monuments here

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